Where I work

Most of what happens at inkerdoo happens after my day job, on the couch, in front of the TV. I like to sit in the middle so I can have my two dogs on either side of me while I work. I pay a little bit of attention to whatever might be on TV. Right now it’s a wrap-up conversation after the latest Milwaukee-Toronto basketball game. It’s about to be the second half of Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse because I couldn’t stay awake last night to finish it then.

My “business” partner, Archie

As you can see I’m working on a dice design. It will be pretty awesome. I can’t wait to wear it to my next D&D game! I’ve got three characters in action right now, but my barbarian is about to be retired for a while because the DM is moving out of state. I hope I can give him one of my dice shirts before he goes. I’ve been playing tabletop RPGs with him and his wife (my BFF) for over 20 years. I’m going to miss those guys!

Bailey, the OVERLORD.

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