unfinished knitted hat

I was in Colorado last month where it snowed non-stop the whole time. Not in a bad way–in a gentle, movie magic, winter wonderland kind of way. But I hadn’t thought to bring a hat! I did have a scarf knitting project with me, which I unraveled and turned into a hat instead. I’m now in the middle of my fourth hat!

The yarn I’m working with is a hand dyed superwash I dyed myself maybe over 10 years ago. I’m working hard on busting my stash, and these hats are doing a great job at it.

I’m doing them in the split-brim style. It’s kind of like a bonnet. It makes a knit cap sit on the head in, I think, a more flattering way.

I will probably try to sell all these hats at my job’s Staff Development Day. They have an employee craft fair hosted by the Staff Appreciation Committee. Part of the sales goes to the Committee to help fund it. I love the organization I work for because of things like this. It really takes its employees’ well-being seriously. I don’t remember to do that for myself all the time, so I appreciate when others do.

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